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 How I used it to save my kid’s life

Spybubble reviews online usually talk about how advanced and convenient their spying software is. If you want to track a single individual to find out where exactly they are going, this is the #1 software for this. You can easily track your lover to see if they are being faithful to you or check up on your kids so this way you can make sure they are out of harm’s way. In fact, there are many different uses for cell phone tracker. Their system is incredibly advanced and always keeps you up to date where the person is.

 All about Spybubble

If you have tried to look up “Spybubble scam” online, you probably are a bit skeptical, right? This is perfectly normal. We recommend looking up a few different software reviews so this way you can determine if it is worth it or not. Most of the time, customers love this product because it’s easy to set up and it works. You can set this up on a smartphone and then be able to track the activities of the individual you have targeted. Also, everything is tracked in real time so every minute that goes by, you are updated. This is important if you are trying track the individual in your vehicle and you don’t know where to go because they keep moving around.

 Spybubble Customer Reviews

When I first read all the positive reviews online, I really wanted to get this system. I didn’t think it would be this great as I usually have my expectations low for online products. I figured it wouldn’t work that well but it does. One day when my daughter ventured off our hiking path and got lost, I was in a panic. Luckily, I was able to track her down with their trusty cell phone tracking software.  I had found her about half a mile away from the location we were originally at. I remember I was very lucky to find her because the group and I had spotted a bear nearby and quickly left. The truth is – this software works and if you are smart, you will look at another Spybubble review to learn more about their program.

Common Features:

Make sure you go through a few Spybubble customer reviews before you buy. This way you can get some insights on how their software works and what exactly you can do with it. Here are a few reasons why people use this program:

  • Spyphone can work on your iPhone or other smart phone models
  • You’ll have access to a live data feed once installed 
  • A map with a tracker is displayed on your smart phone so you can start tracking 
  • Everything is in real time. You are updated every minute instead of each hour 
  • SMS tracking is available. This means you have access to a person’s texts even if they delete them – they are saved to your phone

All of these benefits and features are extremely useful for anyone who needs a cell phone tracker.

My Spybubble Review

When I first received their software, I was able to set it up in under fifteen minutes. There was no difficult programming and each feature was incredibly easy to use. I have a Blackberry phone so I was first worried if it would work for my Blackberry or not. Apparently it works on iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung and other phones. Some people don’t get this software for spying but instead just use it solely for the purpose of GPS tracking. This means you can find the exact location the your phone. This has been integrated with Google Maps so that way you will know exactly where the phone is. Your kids may lie to you about their whereabouts but with this phone tracking device, you’ll no longer be left in the dark.

Features included

They also have included e-mail tracking which is able to keep a detailed record of any incoming or outgoing e-mails. I couldn’t even believe what this phone could do after I ordered it. None of the customer reviews mentioned anything about URL tracking. It even finds out what URL’s your target has been visiting. I even used this for my teenage son who is about sixteen now. We knew he had problems but after looking into a few websites he had visited, we found out it was serious. He was looking up suicide prevention websites and clearly needed help. We were able to take him to a psychologist and things got better from there. Spybubble is not unethical – in fact, this is quite the opposite. It can save lives, protect your kids, check upon your spouse, and so much more.

Spybubble Scam

I hate to see the word scam” posted everywhere because clearly – this is no scam. The manufacturers did a great job creating this program and they have even added some features that we weren’t expecting. Here are a few things you can do with this advanced tracking system:

  • Track photos to see what pictures a user has been receiving or downloading and save it to your phone. 
  • Call listening allows you to listen in on conversations almost like an extension line.
  • Environment listing is pretty nifty and instead of hearing the conversation, it can hear noises around the phone.

For example, that day when I had tracked my daughter – there were no buildings because we were in an area that had heavy foliage. Because of this, spotting her wasn’t easy. I was able to hear the environment surrounding and remembered listening to running water. When I saw the waterfall nearby, that’s when I spotted her, thanks to Spybubble.

Customer Reviews – Why you should take a look

Be sure to look up another Spybubble review if you want to learn more or hear stories of what other people used this software for. You’d be surprised at some of the things you can do with this program. It is definitely no scam and I know the manufacturers worked hard on this program. I believe they did a great job on it.

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